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MetCoverArt (MCA) is an unofficial Metallica fan community freely providing fan-created cover artwork for live audience recordings of Metallica concerts.

All cover artwork found on this site has been created through the hard work of dedicated Metallica fans and is not to be used on any material which is sold for profit using the band's trademarked logo.

Many of these bootleg covers have been created and made available for public use by FixxxerJS, Roamer, and Spawn of Cthulhu, not to mention the immense number of covers contributed by other people. All appear here with permission and are available for free download.

If you would like to submit your own bootleg cover artwork for use on this site, please visit our Artwork Gallery.

A very large thanks goes out to all the people involved in making Metallica fan artwork and inspiring this site, especially Roamer, without whose unending dedication to collecting bootleg cover art this website would not have been conceived, as well as Metallica for making the music we all love.

Thank you!