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Announcement: Resources for Creating Metallica Artwork (Fonts, Photos, Setlists, Screenshots, etc.)

Posted by Kathlib the Prophet

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This topic is for links to resources useful in making Metallica bootleg cover artwork. If you know of a site that's not listed here, please feel free to PM me and tell us what's missing.

Metallica Fonts
Zip File Containing All Known Metallica Fonts

Fake Bootlegs
M4ST3R M1K3's List of Fake Audio and Video Bootlegs

Tour Databases
Metpage's Tour Database (the most complete Metallica tour archive, updated regularly)
Chapter, Inc.
Metlists, Inc. (contains useful statistics)
4 Horsemen's Bootleg Info (contains info and tracklists for audio bootlegs, go to Multimedia-->Bootleggica-->Bootleg Info)
Metallica.com's Timeline (features tour dates from past shows and setlists and pictures from recent shows)
MetOnTour (contains setlists and photos from recent concerts)

Photo Galleries
Metallica.com's Timeline (features photos from past shows [starting around 1996])
MetOnTour (contains setlists and photos from recent concerts)
Rocktoons Metallica Artwork
Lots of Metallica Photos (mainly of "old Metallica")

Video Screenshots
Metbootlegs (list of most known DVD bootlegs with links to info pages)
sjmike's Live Recordings
Hit the Lights Trading
The Metallica Video Archive
Frantik2k3's Metallica Video Bootlegs
Leper Messiah Trading
Yetti's Militia Boots Metallica Video Bootlegs
Speed Damage's Trading Site