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DVD disc Stomps

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#1 Guest_Creeping Darren_*

Guest_Creeping Darren_*
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Posted 17 July 2005 - 10:55 PM

If somebody wouldn't mind helping me I'd like to learn how to create DVD disc stomps with Adobe Photoshop CS. I would like to create these from exisiting covers that you have in your gallery that don't have dvd disc stomps instead of asking for a bunch from you guys all the time. If someone will guide me though it I'll gladly donate them to your gallery for everyone else to use. You can PM on here or at Metpage (Creeping Darren) or just reply to this post. Thanks!

Darren :P

#2 Kathlib the Prophet

Kathlib the Prophet

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Posted 18 July 2005 - 12:49 AM

It's not hard to do, but you do have to learn how to use the tools Photoshop provides, which isn't hard either it just takes practice. I've attached a PSD of a stomp that I've made. It has layers with different things in it, such as the band logo, the show info, the disc #, the white outline around the artwork, and of corse the artwork itself.

When making covers for existing artwork, things I try to do is match the logo, fonts, and colors used. A good way to create a disc stomp from an existing cover is to feather some parts and paste them onto the disc stomp. To feather something, select a part of the cover and go to Select>Feather and choose by how many pixels. The more pixels it's feathered by, the less sharp the selection will be (i.e. it will blend more with the background). Try it and you'll see what I mean.

Remember: always save your PSDs. Indefinately, if possible.

If you ever run into a cover that I made and it needs disc stomps please let me know and I'll make some for it. I have almost every DVD cover I've ever made in PSD format so it's easy for me to make the stomps, plus I intend to someday make stomps for all my covers anyway.

#3 Guest_Creeping Darren_*

Guest_Creeping Darren_*
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Posted 18 July 2005 - 01:45 AM

Thanks Spawn for the info. Since I'm new to this I may need to be walked through this process right from taking an existing cover through the completed stomp. I'll get in touch with you and maybe you can help me? :P

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