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29 September 2008 - 12:25 AM

Hey Metallica Freaks....

I'm a long time fan that has grown up with this band...been seeing them live since the Cliff days so I'm
letting you know I've been around the block....

I'm looking to get a nice DVD collection going and obviously, that is next to impossible when you have nothing to trade. I'm also out of the loop as far as downloading torrent files and converting them to DVD's go so I'd love to just get set up with some b&p deals...I've done these before so I know how they work...I'd even send 2 discs for every one that you burn me so it would be kind of worth your while...

Here is what I'm looking for...

Any and all pro-shot videos since 2003

Any and all TV appearance compilations that have been put out...I know there are a bunch out there.

Any fan can stuff.

I can't believe some of the awesome lists you guys have compiled...I'm insanely jealous....anyway, if anyone can help me...drop me a line at


Thanks in advance...see you all on the road this year, specifically in Philly on 1/17!!!!!!!