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2011.12.xx - Kill 'Em All (Live at the Fillmore)

07 February 2012 - 02:50 AM

Could I make a request for a cover for this audio compilation from the Fillmore shows? Here's the details...

01. Hit The Lights (feat. Dave Mustaine, Ron McGovney, & Lloyd Grant) (from 12/10)
02. The Four Horsemen (feat. John Bush) (from 12/7)
03. Motorbreath (feat. Hugh Tanner) (from 12/10)
04. Jump In The Fire (feat. Dave Mustaine) (from 12/10)
05. (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth Jam (from 12/5)
06. Whiplash (feat. Jason Newsted) (from 12/10)
07. Phantom Lord (feat. Dave Mustaine) (from 12/10)
08. No Remorse (from 12/5)
09. Seek & Destroy (feat. Jason Newsted, John Marshall, Sean Harris, Brian Tatler, Bif Byford, Apocalyptica, and the Soul Rebels Brass Band) (from 12/5)
10. Metal Militia (feat. Dave Mustaine) (from 12/10)

And a lovely download link for anyone who missed it...

I don't know if you take creative requests, but if the 3 X's that made up the 30 year anniversary logo could make it on there somewhere that would be cool.

Thanks in advance!