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6/26/1993 Vienna, Austria

02 November 2007 - 03:19 PM

Another coverless show. Three disc set, and for once I have specific cutoffs. Thanks in advance.

June 26, 1993 Vienna, AT Prater Stadium

Disc One
1. Ecstasy
2. creeping
3. harvester
4. sanitarium
5. wolf
6. roam
7. thingy

Disc Two
1. bass
2. drum
3. ktulu jam/guitar
4. horsemen
5. bellz
6. fade
7. puppets
8. seek

Disc Three
1. battery
2. nothing else matters
3. sad but true
4. caress
5. one
6. sandman

2/4/1992 Odessa, TX

02 November 2007 - 03:09 PM

OK, this one is odd. I have this show broken into two parts. Thus no real track listing. I just went to metallica/timeline and they don't have a setlist printed. I don't know of other sites that list the setlists. So, I'll put up the date/place/venue. If you want me to listen to the whole thing and list which songs are in each section, I can do that.

February 04, 1992 Odessa, TX Ector County Coliseum

7/5/89 cincinnati, ohio

02 November 2007 - 03:05 PM

Another coverless show. Two disc set, unknown cutoff because i haven't burned it yet. Thanks in advance.

@ HH: Location info verified, tracks spelled correctly -- Spawn

05 July 1989
Riverbend Music Center
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

The Ecstasy Of Gold
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Leper Messiah
Harvester Of Sorrow
Eye Of The Beholder
Bass Solo
"To Live Is To Die" Jam
Master Of Puppets
Seek & Destroy
...And Justice For All
"Black Night" Jam
Creeping Death
Fade To Black
Guitar Solo
"Little Wing" Guitar Solo
"Helpless" Jam
Last Caress
Am I Evil?

7/30/1996 george, wa

02 November 2007 - 03:03 PM

Another coverless show. Two disc set, unknown cutoff. Thanks in advance.

I have it listed as George, but I have also seen it listed as Quincy.

July 30, 1996 George or Quincy, WA The Gorge

1. No remorse Jam
2. so what
3. creeping
4. sad but true
5. aint my bitch
6. whiplash
7. fade
8. king
9. one
10. until it sleeps
11. bellz
12. roam
13. nothing else matters
14. sandman
15. detroit rock city jam
16. last caress
17. puppets
18. overkill

1/14/92 san diego

02 November 2007 - 02:59 PM

Another coverless show. Two disc set, unknown cutoff. Thanks in advance.

January 14, 1992 San Diego Sports Arena San Diego, CA

This show was recorded live at San Diego Sports Arena
in San Diego, California, USA, on 14 January 1992.

Live at San Diego Sports Arena in San Diego, California, USA, on 1992.01.14

1. Ecstasy
2. sandman
3. creeping
4. harvester
5. sanitarium
6. sad but true
7. Roam
8. bass/orion jam
9. through the never
10. unforgiven
11. ******* for some reason I don't have a track 11, I'm not sure if there is a track between ten and twelve, but I don't have it.
12. lars and james drum solo
13. mistreated jam/kirk solo
14. horsemen
15. bellz
16. fade
17. whiplash
18. puppets
19. seek
20. one
21. last caress
22. evil
23. battery
24. stone cold crazy