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Posted 13 March 2005 - 03:56 PM

The MetCoverArt Big List of Tutorials and Helpful Links

This is the list that is also posted in the How to Make Cover Art Thread, revamped and catagorized. In order to keep it fresh and current, if there are other tutoral sites that anyone wants to see added to or find links in this list that need updateing, please reply to this thread so the Big List can be modified. Thanks.

Photoshop Tutorials with Good Beginner Tutorials
http://www.sketchpad.net/photoshp.htm (Adobe PS - Good Basics tutorials + more)
http://graphicdesign.../photoshoptips/ (Adobe PS - Good Basics tutorials + more)
http://www.2ginc.com/tutorials/ps.html (Adobe PS - Good Basics tutorials + more)
http://www.photoshopgurus.com/ (Adobe PS - Good Basics tutorials + more)

Photoshop Tutorials (various techniques and special effects)
http://www.good-tutorials.com (Lots of good Adobe PS tutorials)
http://www.artofgregmartin.com (space tutorials for Adobe PS)
http://www.somethingleet.com (Adobe PS and 3D rendering tutorials, forum)
http://www.photoshopcafe.com (Adobe PS tutorials, lots of effects)
http://www.voidix.co...lsphotoshop.php (Adobe PS tutorials)
http://phong.com/tutorials/ (Adobe PS tutorials, lots of effects + flash)
http://www.shadowness.com/tutorial.php (Adobe PS tutorials, comprehensive + flash)
http://www.cxdesign.dyns.cx (Adobe PS tutorials)
http://www.reality9.com/tutorials.html (Adobe PS tutorials, special effects)
http://www.spoono.co...shop/tutorials/ (Adobe PS tutorials)
http://tutorials.yax...ion=browse&id=6 (Adobe PS)
http://www.masboy.com/ (Adobe PS tutorials)
http://www.teamphotoshop.com (Adobe PS, flash, 3-D graphics)
http://www.planetphotoshop.com/ (Adobe PS tutorials, lots of effects)
http://www.eyeball-design.com (Adobe PS tutorials, lots of effects)
http://www.wastedyouth.org/ (Adobe PS tutorials, lots of effects)
http://janeecake.hom...t/tutorials.htm (Adobe PS tutorials, lots of effects)
http://www.davrodigi...ials/howtoo.htm (Adobe PS tutorials, lots of effects)
http://www.metboard....hp?showforum=16 (Adobe PS tutorials)
http://forum.weborum...st=0 (Adobe PS tutorials easy image blending)

Photoshop & Image Ready
http://www.webclass.ru/top.php?top=2 (Adobe PS tutorials, comprehensive + Image Ready)

Paintshop Pro Tutorials
http://www.pinoy7.com (Jasc PSP tutorials and a helpful forum)
http://www.photoshopcafe.com (Adobe PS and Jasc PSP tutorials)
http://www.nansons-place.com (Jasc PSP tutorials and forum)
http://www.absolutec....com/tutorials/ (Adobe PS, Flash, and Jasc PSP tutorials)

Website Design, CAD, 3-D and More
http://www.guistuff.com (Adobe PS tutorials, Web Design and more)
http://www.3dcafe.com (Adobe PS, CAD, Web Design and more)
http://www.computerarts.co.uk/ (Adobe PS + so much more)
http://www.tutorialfind.com (portal to tutorials for many different kinds of graphic designs)
http://www.3dtotal.com (3-D Design)
http://www.designsbymark.com (AD PS, Illustrator and web design)
http://www.computera...co.uk/tutorials (Adobe PS tutorials, Web Design and more)
http://computerarts.co.uk/tutorials/ (Adobe PS tutorials, Jasc PSP, Web Design and more)
http://apps5.oingo.c...reeflashfun.com (flash & website design)

Artwork, Brands etc.
Brands of the World (Vector logos for brand names, such as MTV or Metallica)
http://www.deaddreamer.com (PS and 3D artwork that is very inspirational)
http://www.epilogue.net (inspirational artwork)
http://www.digital-arsenal.com/ (brands & artwork)
http://www.dubtastic.com (cool artwork and a portal to lost of diff types of tutorials)
http://www.stridings...p(inspirational artwork)

Some Adobe Photoshop brush sites:

Some pattern and texture sites:
Ultimate 3D Links - links to dozens of texture and pattern sites
Noctua Graphics - 459 free textures

Some font sites:
Rock Rage - dozens of band fonts, including Metallica
High Fonts
Cool Archive Fonts
1001 Free Fonts
FlamingText.com - lots of text effects
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