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Metal Up Your Ass - The Interview Sessions (1984-1996)

21 May 2008 - 01:10 PM

there are no infos that fit to your site rule... so i'll give you what i have...

headbangers ball 1993
Mtv interview 1991
interview 1984
moscow interview 1991
rockumentary 1992 (incomplete)
Mtv report 1996
UK load report 1996

Here's what the original VHS case says...
The Interview Sessions have been carefully compiled from the rare and private footage of many collectors worldwide. The vast majority is of high quality including many unseen historically important decisions that affect a bands career and direction, both musically and of a personal nature.

Any collection that naturally represents a true reflection of an artist's highs and lows will differ in quality depending on the recording equipment available at the time. So as a collector please allow this. We do however assure you that every modern day technique has been used in ensuring high quality viewing on the latest equipment, whilst maintaining the natural atmosphere and warmth of the original tapes.


i didn't find the cover here or i didn't recognize the title. for complete infos here is the url http://www.metallifu...99397#post99397
i am sure you know better than me ;) Thank you and if you can;t do something there's no problem..